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Pearl Powder as written about in March 2003


Pearl Powder as written about in August 2007
Womans World Aug 21 2007


Pearl Products - Pearl Powder and Pearl Cream

Today more than ever people are actively trying to preserve their youthful appearance. Key to that is healthy skin. Many people are looking for a wrinkle remover to get rid of lines around their mouth, or wrinkles in their forehead.

Age Defying All Natural Cosmetic Skin Care Products That Work.

Pearl powder is a centuries old, tested and proven all natural age defying beauty product. Many people like to use pearl powder alone and blend it into their own creams and/or lotions.

“I’ve been using pearl powder for 2½ weeks regularly and I’ve noticed a glow on my skin. It is smooth enough to wear under makeup mixed with a moisturizer of your choice. I liked that it dissolves easily into my moisturizer and gives it a creamy texture.

When visiting my aunt she commented on how smooth my skin looked and that it had a glow to it. She also said that my skin looked lighter and brighter.

I purchased my pearl powder six or seven years ago and it is still good and effective. I never got around to using it before and found it while I was cleaning my home. I’m glad I discovered it because it has changed my life. I just placed an order for 2 more jars of pearl powder. I can’t wait to receive it.

I’m convinced that if I use this twice daily my skin will continue to improve.”

— S.M. :)

Note: Name and address hidden at customer’s request

Even more people are looking for a cream that uses 100% natural real pearls. We have both.

Pearl Powder

“I really appreciate your customer service. I think it’s exceptional and I deal with a lot of different companies. So refreshing it is!!

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve tested several different pearl powders and yours is by far the highest quality - that’s why I keep coming back!”

Nanci Callahan Nivolo
NCN Professional SkinCare


As Seen On
Andrew Zimmer's Bizarre Foods
on Travel Channel




Coming Soon -- Day Cream and Night Cream

Would you like to be contacted when Emperor's Herbologist  Pearl Cream is Available? If so click here

Pearl powder is one of the oldest most trusted Asian skin care beauty secrets. In use for over 1000's of years.

Try this beauty product known to fight signs of aging skin. You will Love the results. To Find out more Click Here


Pearl Cream - Anti Aging Herbal Preparation
 When You Get Serious About Skin Care.

Our Pearl cream is based on secret closely held formulas passed down thru the ages. Then enhanced with modern vitamins and minerals. The pearls used come from the exact same area used to collect pearls for use in anti aging skin care products made for the ancient Chinese Emperors and Empresses. It is loaded with herbs and vitamins to help make your skin beautiful.

Did you know that 1 Ounce of pearl powder is 94 servings?
Yes! 94 of those .30 mg bottles. Save yourself money. 

Order 2 bottles because the second rides freight Free! Only pay freight on the first.

Save even more and and buy in bulk ½ kg or 1 kg

You can watch your skin condition deteriorate, and do nothing as your skin gets mistreated from harsh daily chemicals you come in contact with, in addition to pollution, and direct sun light. 

Or, you can take immediate action and join the others who are using Emperor's Herbologist brand 100% Pearl Powder and are getting results.  Why not order today? You know the longer you wait the worse your skin becomes.

When you want to improve your skin with pearl powder order below:

If you are still doubting whether to get Emperor’s Herbologist JAJA Pearl Powder or not... Here us what

Kristen Frost
Retired Model
in Canada would tell you. She was so thrilled she wrote us and said

“I was reluctant to order pearl powder because I suffer from an allergy to shellfish.

I am thrilled that I did because not only can I tolerate JAJA [Pearl] powder but my skin has never looked more beautiful!

I take the product internally and mix it into my daily skin cream and voila! Perfect skin that glows and does not require the aid of foundation or skin powder; it is far too beautiful to cover up!

This is one beauty aid that I will never go without, for the rest of my life. Thank-you JAJA for the gift of flawless, glowing skin; I could not have done it without your product!”

Click on the button and Order Your anti-aging, skin care secret JAJA Pearl Powder packed in:

Bottle of JAJA Pearl Powder Only $35.95 + shipping for a 1 ounce bottle! add to cart

It's good for you to “Buy 2” because the second one rides freight FREE! Just pay shipping on the first one and no additional shipping costs on the second.

Or Buy in Bulk and Save Even More!

JAJA Pearl Powder bulk pack ½ Kg (1.1 lbs) only $184.80 + shipping! add to cart

BEST DEAL! Save yourself a lot of money!

JAJA PearlPowder bulk pack 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) only $342.10 + shipping! add to cart


If possible, we will ship using Flat Rate, and rebate you the difference...
but we can not guarantee Flat Rate shipment due to various sizes. Just select either Priority or Priority Express, and if possible we will use the Flat rate version of your selected service.

WARNING TO FRAUDSTERS: Due to a recent experience we had with Mark Bullis that cost us over $100, we will no longer be honoring PayPal Orders that are shipped to non-verified addresses, OR are ineligible for seller protection. Sorry, but we can not accept theft of our product and false claims.


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Indeed, we are happy to be your customers, and have already shared our “find” with others.
Jonathan and Darlene


Many thanks and blessings to you and your competent staff. I have had a number of grueling mail order experiences lately, but none so delightful, straight forward or friendly as with your company.
Lynette — Boulder CO

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